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Solatube Home is the world leader in transforming the lives of our customers …and business owners through our unique products and services. Contact us today to become a Solatube Home franchise owner.

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Thank you for visiting Solatube Home’s fresh air and skylight franchise opportunity. For three decades our mission is to transform our customers’ homes with our innovative products and our world-class service. Over the years, we carved out our own niche in the home service industry making our business model quite unique.

Join our team and make your dream of business ownership a reality. We provide you with a combination of exclusive product offerings and world-class service, paired with industry leadership and manufacturing expertise. Our dedicated team is highly experienced in launching and supporting local sales and installation businesses. All this means you can take advantage of an ownership opportunity that is as brilliant as the light you can create for your customers.

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A Brighter Take on Business Ownership

Solatube Home. We are the natural lighting and fresh air experts. We believe that natural light and clean, fresh air breathe new life into any space, and we see the appreciation on the illuminated faces of every customer we serve.

The Solatube Home franchise opportunity is as rewarding as it is desirable. We offer our skylight franchise owners an incredible compelling way to build their futures, with a uniquely focused, scalable business-building opportunity based on five key products: Tubular Skylights, Skylight Replacement, Whole House Fans, Attic Fans and Garage Fans.

Loyal Residential Customers Will Rave About the Transformations Your Team Creates!

Imagine owning a streamlined service and installation business, backed by a market-tested business model, where top-quality, exclusive, branded products are provided to consumers in a matter of hours. Solatube Home can show you how you can specialize in offering a unique set of natural lighting and ventilation products — typically installing them on the same day as the sale, and within an unmatched two-hour timeframe.

No long waits for revenue, no demolition mess, no months-long projects.

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Solatube Home Makes People Feel Good in Their Homes

We do it all through innovative products that bring in natural light and cool, fresh air. Plus, we deliver those products with unmatched 5-star service. A Solatube Home skylight franchise lets independent owners take control of their futures, while building a satisfying, rewarding business.

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An unmatched, proprietary product offering & business model

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A sustainable, growing marketplace with limited competing products in the marketplace

Training on Solatube Home technology

A highly effective training, technology and support system, with a team of experts behind you.